Advertisement as a Factor Affecting Bankruptcy and Its Impact on Consumer Buying Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic

International Journal of Academic and Practical Research

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Danielle Jaymze C. Punzalan
PLM Business School, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (University of the City of Manila), Manila, Philippines


The main objective of this study is to determine the effects of advertising and how it affects the buying behavior of consumers. This will help businesses that experience a loss in funds and revenue. This study applies the true-experimental design in determining and analyzing the changes that a certain advertisement makes to the growth to avoid bankruptcy and in the consumers’ buying behavior. The instruments used in this study were researcher-made surveys and interview questions that gathered the needed data from the respondents. The study will randomly pick selected Grade 12 Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) senior high school students from Espiritu Santo Parochial School of Manila, School Year 2020-2021. Based on the results of the gathered data, the students believe that having advertising is very necessary and has a big role in a business because it is very persuasive. The ABM students concluded that advertising is persuasive for the reasons that it sometimes encourages them and affects their choices as consumers. On the other hand, one of the students thinks that advertising is a strategy used to spread and inform people about a business. In general, advertising affects the buying behaviors of consumers, which will help to reduce the chances of businesses declaring and experiencing bankruptcy.

Article Information

Article History

Received: 09 May 2022;
Reviewed: 13 Jun 2022;
Revised: 11 Jul 2022;
Accepted: 08 Aug 2022;
Published: 15 Aug 2022


advertisement, bankruptcy, business, buying behavior, consumer

Corresponding Author

Danielle Jaymze C. Punzalan


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  • Primary Language: English
  • Subject: Practical Research (Accountancy, Business and Management)
  • Journal Section: Research Article
  • Published in Issue: Year 2022, Volume 1, Issue 1

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Punzalan, D. J. C. (2022). Advertisement as a factor affecting bankruptcy and its impact on consumer buying behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. International Journal of Academic and Practical Research, 1(1), 8 – 16.

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