Context, Engagement and Impact of Copyright Infringement Among Selected Content Creators: A Brief Descriptive Survey Study

International Journal of Academic and Practical Research

ISSN (Print): 2980-4116; ISSN (Online): 2980-4124
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Jethro D. Nicdao
Institute of Health and Sciences in Nursing, Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines

Andrew Laurence T. Fat
College of Information Technology, National University, Manila, Philippines

Proy D. Bolo
Alumnus, Senior High School Department, Espiritu Santo Parochial School of Manila, Inc., Manila, Philippines 

Jhannery B. Mactal
College of Dentistry, Centro Escolar University, Manila, Philippines


The primary goal of this research is to look into the effects of copyright infringement on content creators, namely the benefits and drawbacks of copyright infringement for aspiring and experienced content creators. The study’s research approach is a quantitative research method that entails sending a survey to content creators for them to complete, with eighty percent of those who responded having fewer than five copyright strikes throughout their careers and the minority having more than five. The data’s positive outcomes, on the other hand, were acquired solely from questionnaire surveys. As a result of this research, the researchers were able to identify the effects of copyright infringement. In addition, it was also discovered that some content creators went out of their way to resolve their copyright issues as per the chosen respondents. According to the data from the respondents, out of every twenty-five content creators who had experienced copyright infringement issues, twelve of them attempted to resolve the issue, while thirteen of them simply ignored it and had significant negative outcomes. This shows that copyright infringement is a serious problem that should not be taken lightly. From different content creations to educational and gaming reasons, information gathering procedures, and finally legal awareness, there are consequences between the positives and negatives of copyright infringement. Knowing the legal and policy consequences of copyright infringement can help content creators, whether they are just starting out or have been making content for a long time.

Article Information

Article History

Received: 01 Aug 2022;
Reviewed: 05 Sep 2022;
Revised: 03 Oct 2022;
Accepted: 10 Oct 2022;
Published: 24 Oct 2022


content creators, copyright infringement, copyright issues, copyright strikes, plagiarism

Corresponding Author

Jethro D. Nicdao


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  • Primary Language: English
  • Subject: Practical Research (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  • Journal Section: Research Article
  • Published in Issue: Year 2022, Volume 1, Issue 1

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Nicdao, J. D., Fat, A. L. T., Bolo, P. D., & Mactal, J. B. (2022). Context, engagement and impact of copyright infringement among selected content creators: A brief descriptive survey study. International Journal of Academic and Practical Research, 1(1), 33 – 39.

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