Engaging the Digital Generation Through Analyzing and Understanding the Growth and Importance of Cryptocurrency

International Journal of Academic and Practical Research

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Charles Jordan V. Madulid
College of Education, Arts and Sciences, National University, Manila, Philippines

Angelo P. Lansang
College of Engineering and Architecture, Technological Institute of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines


With the sudden growth of cryptocurrency, the researchers decided to conduct this study that can help further understand cryptocurrency through different variables of understanding and analysis that can help determine the underlying growth and importance of cryptocurrency. Throughout the study, the researchers have gathered information to understand cryptocurrency, such as its definition, origin, and purpose. To address the problem, by answering the questions that linger in people’s minds about the functions, benefits, security, and diverse uses of cryptocurrency, the researchers solidified its credibility and viability as an investment vehicle. Regression analysis and time-series models were implemented through statistical data analysis, data collection, and forecasting of contextual data. Then, after getting the forecasting contextual data, the researchers compared the historical time series data and the forecast data to analyze and evaluate it. The findings confirm the influence of cryptocurrency on inflation, the similarities and differences between the historical price data and forecast data, and the visualization result of the forecasting with the given data. The research shows a clear understanding of how cryptocurrency works by providing information, gathering data for it to be analyzed and evaluated, and visualizing the data through forecasting as it can be considered a prominent study by both researchers and investors due to its important role in the economy. The study aimed to understand cryptocurrency by analyzing the behavior and movement of the market in order to achieve the best profit margins for investing while avoiding investment risk.

Article Information

Article History

Received: 08 Aug 2022;
Reviewed: 12 Sep 2022;
Revised: 10 Oct 2022;
Accepted: 24 Oct 2022;
Published: 24 Oct 2022


cryptocurrency, digital generation, forecast data, historical time series data, regression analysis

Corresponding Author

Charles Jordan V. Madulid madulidcjordan@gmail.com


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  • Primary Language: English
  • Subject: Practical Research (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  • Journal Section: Research Article
  • Published in Issue: Year 2022, Volume 1, Issue 1

Cite (APA)

Madulid, C. J. V., & Lansang A. P. (2022). Engaging the digital generation through analyzing and understanding the growth and importance of cryptocurrency. International Journal of Academic and Practical Research, 1(1), 40 – 52.

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