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The following are the training courses and events of the Academic Course Tutorial Online Education Inc. which are divided into four (4) that could be in the form of lectures, seminars, workshops, training, or service. Under each training course and/or event is its specific outline and/or subjects.

Academic Course Tutorial

(A) Subject/s (Grade School or Junior High School): Music and Arts
(B) Core Subject/s (Senior High School):  Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Regions
(C) Applied Subject/s (Senior High School): (1) Practical Research 1, (2) Practical Research 2, and (3) Inquiries, Investigations and Immersion

Consultation and Publication

(A) Research Consultation (Tutoring, Advising, and Critiquing)
(B) Research Proposal Writing (Introduction and Methodology)
(C) Research Instrument Development (Questionnaire)
(D) Research Article Preparation
(E) Research Publication
(F) Research Presentation and/or Conference
(G) Manuscript Peer Reviewing
(H) Call for Paper
(I) Call for Authorship and/or Co-Authorship

Correction and Revision (Editing)

(A) Language Editing and Proofreading (Grammar and Composition)
(B) In-Text Citation Correction and Formatting
(C) References List  Correction and Formatting
(D) Submission Format (font, margin, pagination, size, etc.)

Plagiarism Detection and Reduction

(A) Plagiarism Checker
(B) Originality Assessment
(C) Plagiarism Removal and Reduction (Rewriting)

Note: Other services may be offered such as writing-related tasks and creative tasks (logo, brochure, outline, etc.). ACT Online Education Inc. could provide you a certification on its services, e.g. Certification of Language Editing, Certificate of Publication (Certificate of Authorship), etc. upon request of the client with no additional fee.

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