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The journal adheres to the COPE Code of Conduct for Journal Editors to ensure fair and unbiased appraisal, confidentiality, non-competing interest compliance, and editorial duty and accountability for all submitted articles. The Editorial Team followed the voluntary non-monetary approach*.


Mr. Almighty C. Tabuena, LPT, PMEC, LSSWBC, CASF, ISA, MAEd (CAR), Ph.D. (h.c.)

International Editorial Board Members

Dr. Oscar Lauber, Professor, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland
Email: lauberoscar@gmail.com

Dr. Paulino A. Oñal, Jr., Faculty – Lecturer, School of Agriculture, University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos, Bacolod City, Philippines
Email: docpaulonal011260@gmail.com

Dr. Akhigbe-mudu Thursday Ehis, Department of Computer Science, African Institute of Science Administration and Commercial Studies, Lome, Togo
Email: akhigbe-mudut@babcock.edu.ng

Dr. Mohammed Viquaruddin, Faculty, Department of Political Science & Liberal Arts, Tripura University, Agartala, India
Email: v4politics@gmail.com

Dr. Amidu Adinoyi Jimoh, Senior Lecturer, Department of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Kogi State University, Anyigba, Kogi, Nigeria
Email: amidujimoh@gmail.com

Dr. Peter Sanjo Adewale, Adjunct Lecturer, Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria
Email: sanjoadewale@gmail.com

Dr. Pooja Ravi, Department Of Biotechnology, Surana College (Autonomous), South End Road, Bangalore, India
Email: poojaravi2015@gmail.com

Prof. Glinore S. Morales, MAEd, Associate Professor, Philippine Normal University, Philippines
Email: morales.gs@pnu.edu.ph

Dr. Abraham Gomez, Professor, Instituto de Psicología y Neurociencias del Comportamiento, United States
Email: gomez.idpyndc@gmail.com

Mr. Ángel Geovanny Rochina Chisag, MCE, Teacher-Researcher, Ministerio de Educación, Pichincha, Ecuador
Email: rochitheonly@gmail.com

Prof. Benjamin B. Mangila, MAEd, (PhD, ongoing), Josefina H. Cerilles State College, Zamboanga del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines
Email: benjamin.mangila@jhcsc.edu.ph

Mr. Jupeth T. Pentang, LPT, MSc, (PhD, ongoing), College of Education, Western Philippines University, Philippines
Email: jupeth.pentang@wpu.edu.ph

Mr. Joseph T. Lobo, LPT, MAPES, (EdD, ongoing), Academic Coordinator, Institute of Education, Arts, and Sciences, City College of Angeles, Angeles City, Philippines
Email: josephlobo@cca.edu.ph

Mr. Mian Jamal Uddin Pirzada, MPhil, (PhD, ongoing), Assistant Director (HRM), The Shaikh Ayaz University Shikarpur, Sindh, Pakistan
Email: jamalpirzada91@gmail.com

Mr. Imran Hussain, MPhil, MEd, MA, District Coordinator (Chakwal), International English Language Teachers Association, Chakwal, Pakistan
Email: 3720116976429@qaed.edu.pk

Mr. Uzma Ayaz, MPhil, MSc, MEd, Department of Plant Breeding & Molecular Genetics, University of Poonch, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan
Email: uzma_ayaz89@hotmail.com

Mr. Arius Lauren C. Raposas, MPA, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Philippines
Email: acraposas@alum.up.edu.ph

Managing and Section Editorial Board Members and Reviewer Board Members

Dr. Salma Jahan Siddiqui, Associate Professor, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India
Email: salmajs14@gmail.com

Mr. Alagbe Olujimi John, MSc, MA, (PhD, ongoing), University of Abuja Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria
Email: dralagbe@outlook.com

Mr. Kevin D. Caratiquit, LPT, MSIT, (PhD, ongoing), Teacher III, Department of Education, Lal-lo National High School, Cagayan, Philippines
Email: kevin.caratiquit@deped.gov.ph

Mr. Ajay Reddy Yeruva, MSc, Senior Software Engineer, Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers, Pleasanton, CA, United States
Email: ajayr.yeruva@gmail.com

Mr. Francis Dominic B. Capistrano, LPT, MPEd (CAR), Instructor IV, University of the Philippines, Rural High School, Laguna, Philippines
Email: fbcapistrano1@up.edu.ph

Mr. Davis Karl Beltran Manuel, LPT, MA (CAR), Faculty Member, Ignacio Villamor High School, Manila, Philippines
Email: ijaapr.editor@gmail.com

Mr. Reggie Carl B. Zulueta, LPT, MAT-THE (CAR), Faculty Member, Antonio A. Maceda Integrated School, Manila, Philippines
Email: reggiezulueta@gmail.com

Ms. Ruth M. Pacauncis, LPT, MAEd-PE (ongoing), Faculty Member, Ignacio Villamor High School, Manila, Philippines
Email: ruthpacauncis03@gmail.com

Mrs. Yvon Mae H. Tabuena, LPT, MA (ongoing), Faculty Member, St. Stephen’s High School, Manila, Philippines
Email: hilarioyvonmae@gmail.com

Ms. Maria Verginia A. Tuazon, LPT, Department of Public Works and Highways, Philippines
Email: tuazon.mariaa@yahoo.com.ph

Mr. Mhelmafa P. Buenaflor, DipMus, Philippine Normal University, Philippines
Email: mpbuenaflor@yahoo.com

Mr. Jovie C. Velasquez, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, Philippines
Email: joviedelacruzvelasquez07@gmail.com

Prof. Carlo B. Lorenzo, MA (ongoing), Professor, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines
Email: cblorenzo@ust.edu.ph

Ms. Francinne Kaye Gacilo, LPT, MA (ongoing)
Email: ijaapr.editor@gmail.com

Language Editors (Copyeditors)

Mrs. Yvon Mae H. Tabuena, LPT, MA (ongoing), St. Stephen’s High School, Philippines
Email: hilarioyvonmae@gmail.com

Dr. Abraham Gomez, Instituto de Psicología y Neurociencias del Comportamiento, United States
Email: gomez.idpyndc@gmail.com

Ms. Francinne Kaye Gacilo, LPT, MA (ongoing)
Email: ijaapr.editor@gmail.com

*The voluntary non-monetary approach to conservation refers to actions that citizens or organizations could voluntarily implement in their area of influence without the incentive of monetary compensation.

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