1. Who is the publisher of this journal? The International Journal of Academic and Practical Research (IJAAPR) is the official bi-annual journal published by the Academic Course Tutorial Online Education Inc., Philippines.
  2. How do I submit my article? All manuscripts must be submitted through email at ijaapr.editor@gmail.com.
  3. Who can submit articles to the IJAAPR? Researchers, academicians, professionals, and practitioners from all over the world can submit articles to the IJAAPR.
  4. What are the types of paper that the IJAAPR is accepting? We accept original research papers, research notes or short communication, case report, review article, methodologies, or methods, and others.
  5. What is the scope of the journal? IJAAPR welcomes the submission of quality research in any of the following academic domains: (a) Academic Research – Basic Research, Educational Research, Action Research, and Classroom-based Research, and (b) Practical Research – Academic Track such as ABM (Accountancy, Business and Management), HUMSS (Humanities and Social Sciences), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and GAS (General Academic Strand), TVL (Technical-Vocational-Livelihood) Track, Sports Track, and Arts and Design Track.
  6. Will the author get a publication certificate? Yes, we will provide you individual e-certificate for all authors who have published their articles in the IJAAPR.
  7. Will IJAAPR help to get indexing? Yes, our dedicated team will help the author to get maximum indexing of their research work.
  8. Can I publish more than one paper for the same issue? Yes, you can publish more than one paper with the same issue with the acceptance notice of your submission.
  9. How long does a review take? The review usually lasts up to two (to four) weeks once assigned reviewers have accepted the invitation to review. But will still depend if the reviewers need more time to assess the submitted manuscript or on the availability of the reviewers.
  10. How long does it take to publish an article? One (1) to six (6) months is the average period from submission to publication. However, it still depends if the reviewers need more time to assess the submitted manuscript or on the availability of the reviewers and on the decision of the editor-in-chief.
  11. Can I join as an editorial or reviewer board member? Yes, presently we are seeking new editorial and reviewer board members worldwide. You can send your updated CV, Degree Certificates, ID Proof, Application Form, and other research profiles to ijaapr.editor@gmail.com with a request to join as an Editorial or Reviewer Board Member. Specify whether you are applying as one of the editorial board members or as one of the reviewer board members.
  12. How often is the journal published? Bi-annual, every 6 months; a total of 2 issues per year in May (May – October) and November (November – April).
  13. How can I get the Copyright Agreement form? It is attached next to the article template in one file. Click here to access the Article Template and Copyright Agreement.
  14. Where can I find the manuscript preparation guidelines? The predefined format of IJAAPR is given in paper format link under the Author Guidelines section. Just download the Article Template and Copyright Agreement and prepare the manuscript in that format.
  15. Can I submit the manuscripts using my templates? No, use our template before you submit it.
  16. What file format can be used to submit the manuscript? The journal only accepts the .doc, .docx format.
  17. Can foreign (international) authors submit the paper to IJAAPR? Yes, we are welcoming all scholars from the entire world.
  18. Is the journal free of charge? Our journal is free of charge (waived APC) until Volume 1 Issue 2 November 2022 (see Article Processing Charges).
  19. I will pay, but I need the acceptance letter immediately, please help me? You will have violated journal policies. We will decline your manuscript and ban the authors (who did this act) for a year. Unless you requested a fast-track review process, there will be a separate submission fee for that (two times higher than the base fee).
  20. Is there any other question that is not listed above? If your question has not been displayed here, you can discuss it via Contact or mail us at ijaapr.editor@gmail.com.
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