Understanding Depression and Determining Its Causing Factors Among Male Grade 12 Senior High School Students in a Private School in Manila, Philippines

International Journal of Academic and Practical Research

ISSN (Print): 2980-4116; ISSN (Online): 2980-4124
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Alyana Joy G. Tan
College of Arts and Sciences, San Sebastian College - Recoletos, Manila, Philippines


This study aimed to understand depression and determine the factors causing it among Grade 12 male students in a private school in Manila, Philippines, as well as the relationship between emotion and thought. The study was analyzed by identifying the factors that cause depression as well as their respective interventions. The research instruments used in the study were online survey questionnaires and interview questions, which were first submitted for content and face validation. According to the findings, 40% of respondents are easily stressed. It shows that people are triggered by the things that are happening in their lives. For some reasons, being under a lot of pressure, especially when facing big challenges in life. On the basis of the results gathered, after losing something, the majority of respondents experienced despair. That altered the person’s mood and behavior in response to life’s regrets and expectations—which hampered life’s pleasures. Self-perception is generally low—some people are perplexed and fearful of making the wrong decision because they have been defeated quickly when they are struggling. Even when things were going well, some respondents were depressed. There is also emotional anguish and a desire to improve. Respondents are less likely to harm themselves. A reminder that not being able to solve a problem is often the cause of sadness and emotional pain. 

Article Information

Article History

Received: 25 Jul 2022;
Reviewed: 22 Aug 2022;
Revised: 26 Sep 2022;
Accepted: 24 Oct 2022;
Published: 24 Oct 2022


causes, factors, depression, pressure, stress

Corresponding Author

Alyana Joy G. Tan tanalyana123@gmail.com


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  • Primary Language: English
  • Subject: Practical Research (Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Journal Section: Research Article
  • Published in Issue: Year 2022, Volume 1, Issue 1

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Tan, A. J. G. (2022). Understanding depression and determining its causing factors among male grade 12 senior high school students in a private school in Manila, Philippines. International Journal of Academic and Practical Research, 1(1), 25 – 32.

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