Flour-Based Paint as an Effective and Efficient Alternative to Pb-Based Factory-Made Paint in Common House Paint

International Journal of Academic and Practical Research

ISSN (Print): 2980-4116ISSN (Online): 2980-4124
Ma. Luise Ellie M. Yamson
College of Engineering and Technology, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Manila, Philippines

Alec Gabriel C. Estrera
College of Information and Computing Sciences, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines

Ervin Lloyd B. Pascual
College of Architecture, Technological University of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines

Juan Gabriel C. Teodoro
College of Engineering, Technological University of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines


This study aimed to examine an alternative to the Pb-based factory-made paint usually used in building construction. The researchers have focused on making the flour-based paint contain materials that are convenient and easy to find, comparing the results of each test to see if the flour-based paint can be as effective as usual factory-made paint. The researchers conducted the experiment and analyzed the results. This is to decide whether the results would support the study or not in relation to finding a genuine, sturdy homemade house paint that can last for years that is affordable, convenient, and accessible to everyone who has the proper material and ingredients to do so. As a result, the researchers found that flour-based paint is on the lower end than factory-made paint. Of the three tests done on both paints, the factory-made paint always did better than the flour-based paint. On the contrary, flour-based paint was more harmless than the fumes released from the factory-made paint. Though the flour-based paint that the researchers made has its flaws and imperfections, the researchers found that flour-based paint could be a substitute for paint. It is a decent alternative to factory-made paint. The substance of the paint was affordable, and the paint itself was environmentally friendly. The researchers found that flour-based paint can be an alternative to everyday factory-made paint.

Article Information

Article History

Received: 30 Sep 2022;
Reviewed: 24 Oct 2022;
Revised: 07 Nov 2022;
Accepted: 21 Nov 2022;
Published: 31 Dec 2022


alternative, effective, efficient, factory-made paint, flour-based paint

Corresponding Author

Ma. Luise Ellie M. Yamson yamsonellie@gmail.com 


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  • Primary Language: English
  • Subject: Practical Research
  • Journal Section: Research Article
  • Published in Issue: Year 2022, Volume 1, Issue 2

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Yamson, M. L. E. M., Estrera, A. G. C., Pascual, E. L. B., & Teodoro, J. G. C. (2022). Flour-based paint as an effective and efficient alternative to Pb-based factory-made paint in common house paint. International Journal of Academic and Practical Research, 1(2), 100 – 106.

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